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Tall Grass Cane Juice - Fresh Cane Juice

गन्ने का रस | 甘蔗汁 | عصير قصب | nước mía | น้ำอ้อย | گنے کا رس | ​ទឹក​អំពៅ | আখের | ទឹក អំពៅ

Gan Zhe, Air Tebu, Ganne Ka Raas, Caldo de Cana….

This amazing and refreshing drink is called by many names around the world.
We call it Sugarcane Juice or simply ‘Cane Juice’.

When we discovered it several years ago at a Brazilian festival, we couldn’t believe it wasn’t available everywhere! Why keep it a secret?!

Since then we’ve been on a mission to share our discovery by bringing the freshest cold-pressed cane juice to the widest audience possible. That’s why you’ll find Tall Grass Cane Juice at all of the biggest and best markets and festivals in the region serving cups of the green-gold nectar called Cane Juice.